Foods And Beverages

Amoy General Trading Company Ltd is working with farmers to bring  high quality foods and Beverages while using the principles of direct trade to ensure protection for our environment under good safe farming practices and principles, and direct trade for with farmers.

Food BeveragesWe have  to procure, process and export, quality agro commodities, cereals and pulses.
We decided to start farming in order to increase our production and we have the experience in the agro produce business in east Africa.

We have food commodities including sugar, rice, Beans, Maize flour, wheat flour, Sesame, water, cooking oil, soap, soft drinks, Sweet Potatoes (Red and White) fresh Beans and Gnuts. Amongst the foods and Beverages we export more of Fresh products and dry products.

Food and Beverages

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Fruits And Vegetables

Amoy General Trading Company Ltd has engaged in the  farming of some fruits and Vegetables in order to certain the  local and international market by providing the best quality and reasonable quantity which can sustain the market such as Avocados(Hass), Matooke, Apples, Pineapples, Passion Fruits, Mangoes, Hot pepper, Chilli, Yam, Ginger. We harvest every product at its pitch of perfection with the need of them reaching the international market with great freshness. 

Fruits and VegetablesWe have participated in different various food expo across the world and we have had the learn a lot about the handling, Packaging and branding of our products before export. We have managed to expend our market from African countries to the rest of the world.
We look at fresh fruits and Vegetables from Garden and handled with latest modern technology in Agricultural practices

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Import And Export Business

Amoy General Trading Company Ltd started business with Importing and exporting of all kind of products, most operations started by buying locally and importing from neighbor countries such as Kenya and then export outside Uganda.

These involves all products such foods and Beverages, Fruits and Vegetables, construction materials, equipment for affiliated joint ventures, coffee mostly Robusta coffee which had a large market in Europe.
With changing business environment we had to start farming of some our products to meet the competition levels in the market factors of supply and Demand. We started by renting out land until we managed to secure land across the nation.

Import and Export

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Construction Materials And Equipment

We supply new and used heavy machinery and construction equipment. We sell high quality equipment for the earthmoving and demolition industry from leading brands in the world. we have over 100 used and unused machines in stock sourced from our supplier.

We  supply Many natural substances, such as bricks, clay, rocks, sand, wood, metals from manufacturing companies in Uganda and other countries and  have been used to construct buildings, ware houses and other products.

Materials and Equipment is an established industry in many countries can be used in trades, such as carpentry, insulation, plumbing, and roofing work.

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Farming, Buying And Export Of Coffee

This is one of the most stable product in the world where globally it has ready market and mostly Robusta coffee has its largest market in Europe countries such as Italy, German, etc. and Arabica Coffee has market in the United States.

Our farms in Luweero and Mbale seated on more then 150 acres of land has managed  us to produce coffee of quality for exportation in large quantities.

In addition to coffee from our farms, we also buy coffee directly from the farmers  and take it to processing plants in Uganda and packaging in order to export it to the international market. They  do the following services to bring out quality coffee beans ready for the market such as cleaning, drying and grading before packaging.

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